The Lake Oswego Story Project

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The Lake Oswego Story Project

In 2015-16 we asked Oswegans to “put on your writer’s hat” to help the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network and Lake Oswego Library envision what role Lake Oswego can play in addressing the issue of climate change!

The assignment

Everyone was asked to tap into their creative side and write a story, poem or performance piece looking back from sometime around the year 2050. The writer could take the view of a future generation, a newspaper reporter, a long-time resident, a new resident, etc. Writing from the perspective of that person, what actions could Lake Oswegans of today take now to prevent the worst effects of a changing climate and create a better world in the bargain – an action that he or she would take pride in many years from now. The deadline for submissions was March 31, 2016.

After review, stories were posted to the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network website, and some were selected for publication in the Lake Oswego Review.

Read the Lake Oswego Review article about the project: LO Writes: Project will look into the city’s future

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