The Schools Action Team started as a way to connect parents in different schools that were working on sustainability with informal coffees. Once the Lake Oswego School District became a LOSN partner, we chose three primary focus areas: facilities, school gardens, and Green School Certification. Activities in all these areas continue. In addition the team is working on food, curriculum development and incorporating sustainability more broadly in the district.


Lake Oswego School District becomes a regional leader through the integration of sustainability into school facilities, functions, and curriculum.


Incorporate sustainability into LO School District.  Specifically focus on the following areas:

  1. Facilities: Incorporate sustainability in new construction and remodels of the schools.
  2. Gardens: Development gardens in all LO schools.
  3. Green School Certification: Support the development and maintenance of Oregon Green Schools certification.
  4. Curriculum: Facilitate the incorporation of sustainability in Curriculum
  5. Food: Support food service in increasing sustainable food options – organic, local, and plant-based



  • Dorothy Atwood, LOSN Board Member
  • Stephanie Wagner, LOSN Board Member, Chair of the Oswego Lake Watershed Council
  • Larry Zurcher, LOSD Sustainability Teacher on Special Assignment
  • Breck Foster, LO High School Teacher, LO School District parent
  • Liz Welsh, LO School District parent
  • Courtney Clements, LO School District parent



  1. Help implement the LO School District Strategic Plan Sustainability Priority.
  2. Support the LOSN  Sustainability Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
  3. Host three to four networking coffees for school parents working on sustainability.
  4. Support teachers and schools in developing sustainability components for curriculum
  5. Provide support and facilitation for school garden coordinators
  6. Work with the district Food Services Director to incorporate sustainability.