Multifamily EV Charging Project


Gasoline and diesel propelled vehicles are one of the greatest sources of air pollution and contributors to the current climate crisis. One of the best answers to these concerns is the growing movement toward electric vehicles (EVs). The Lake Oswego City Council’s Sustainability and Climate Action Plan has made support for the adoption of electric vehicles in our community a key goal. As the graph shows the adoption of EVs in Lake Oswego is rapidly accelerating.

Most EV’s currently are recharged overnight in a homeowner’s garage. However, people who live in apartments and condominiums typically lack access to convenient charging.

To address this concern the city’s Sustainability Advisory Board and the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network have formed a joint committee of citizen volunteers whose mission is to encourage and facilitate EV charging in our city’s multifamily dwellings.


Duke Castle


Team Members

  • Duke Castle
  • Buzz Chandler
  • Matt Schaeffer
  • Larry Thompson

EVs: a Rapidly Growing Market

  • EVs is one of the fastest growing market segments and not just for the rich. Used EVs are available locally for under $10,000
  • California, Washington and several other states have set deadlines to stop the sale of new gas and diesel vehicles. General Motors, Ford and other automobile companies have responded by planning for an all-electric future.
  • Federal and State EV incentives are readily available including extra incentives for lower income families to make more EVs affordable now.
  • Virtually all new apartments being constructed in Lake Oswego are adding EV charging as an amenity to address this growing trend

Reasons to Act Now

Available Resources

To help you get started here are some available resources:

We would like to hear from you

We will be making recommendations to our city council on what more the city can do to help you. Please contact us at to let us know how the city can support you.