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There are a number of places where you can find volunteer activities. Many of our teams have a list of volunteer opportunities. If you would like to get involved, look at our various programs, (Where We Work & Focus Areas).

For example, if you are a budding photographer, you can contribute to our Instagram feed. Or maybe you would like to provide an article for our newsletter or our new blog. Or perhaps you’d like to help at an event. Whether you have a lot of time or just a little, your contribution can mean a lot. Use the Contact information on each page, if you are interested in getting involved further.

A great way to find volunteer opportunities is to check our project pages linked below to see if there is something that grabs your heart.

Current Projects

Community Solar Panels


Rooftop solar using photovoltaic cells is a great way to address climate change by moving off fossil fuel sources of electricity. However not everyone in Lake Oswego has good solar access. The answer then is to consider Community Solar.


Emission Equivalencies for Gas powered equipment

Electrify Your Landscaping / Healthy Yard Care

Communities all over the United States are targeting gas powered landscaping equipment in response to the significant noise and the air pollution they produce.

One of LOSN’s projects is working with others in our community and the region to switch from gas powered landscaping equipment to electric landscaping equipment.


Electrify LO

Electrify LO Project

The goal of Electrify LO is to provide information, to motivate and to reduce barriers to home and vehicle electrification.

More specifically, we advocate for clean energy to power your lifestyle including electric vehicles, efficient electric home appliances, electric water and space heating, and rooftop solar with battery storage. 


An EV being charged

Electric Vehicle Resources

Resources for prospective and current Electric Vehicle Owners


Charging Stations

Multifamily EV Charging Project

Most EV’s currently are recharged overnight in a homeowner’s garage. However, people who live in apartments and condominiums typically lack access to convenient charging.


waste water treatment plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Lake Oswego’s wastewater is currently treated at Portland’s Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant (TCWTP) located in the Foothills area. The plant needs to be significantly upgraded or replaced to meet current and anticipated water quality discharge standards.