Lake Oswego Sustainability Network



The LOSN Interfaith Action Team was started to initially explore what sustainability efforts are currently ongoing within the Lake Oswego faith community.  It has evolved to support individual congregational sustainability efforts and to promote interfaith collaboration around sustainability.


The Interfaith community in Lake Oswego is aware, engaged and empowered to take action toward sustainability through partnership with the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network, which in turn recognizes and acknowledges the needs of this community in the fulfillment of its mission.


  1. Create a network of faith organizations in Lake Oswego and the surrounding communities.
  2. Offer quarterly Interfaith coffees.
  3. Provide support and sustainability opportunities for our Interfaith community.
  4. Provide support for local religious groups to demonstrate and improve sustainability practices through the Clackamas County Leaders in Sustainability certification program.


  • Cheryll Simmerman, The Bahá’í Faith Member
  • Dorothy Atwood, LOSN Board Member
  • Lisa Adatto, LOSN Board Member and Beit Haverim Member
  • Michelle McKinnon-Young, Pastor at Lake Oswego United Methodist Church
  • Sydney Brewster, Christ Church Member
  • Phil Bertrand, New Thought Center for Spiritual Living
  • Rev. Masando Hiraoka, Associate Minister, New Thought Center for Spiritual Living

Calendar of Events

    Quarterly Coffees
    May Panel - May 18, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

    Join us for a inspirational panel on how core religious tenets relate to sustainability with local religious leaders



    Quarterly Interfaith Coffees

    Participating Faith Institutions