In 2019, Transportation accounted for 36% of CO2 emissions in Oregon.Reducing the use of fossil fuels as an energy source and reducing overall vehicle miles traveled (VMT’s) are both critical tactics in addressing the climate crisis.  Our vision of a sustainable transportation system  extends beyond electrification of vehicles to a broad range of issues that involve how we organize our space and move about in our city.



  1. Promote replacement of carbon-fueled with electric-powered vehicles as soon as possible. This includes cars, trucks, buses (especially school buses).
  2. Promote walking, biking, public transit as alternatives to driving.
  3. Promote telecommuting, telemedicine, etc. when possible, as a way to reduce vehicle usage.
  4. Heighten citizen awareness of the interaction between transportation and land use policies.


Team Members

  • Duke Castle
  • Lisa Adatto

Related Areas


    1. Promote Electric Vehicles (EV)
    2. Promoting EV charging availability for residents of multifamily dwellings. We participate on a city commission that is studying this issue.
    3. Promoting electrification of school buses

    Areas of Interest