Natural Resources


Our natural resources are integral to a sustainable society.  We all depend on clean air and water and healthy ecosystems to support life.  Our community needs to understand the impacts of human actions on the environment and be responsible for taking action to protect and improve the natural systems that sustain us.

Healthy Natural Resources are an essential part of addressing climate change

Oftentimes when we think about climate change, we think of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Yet human contribution to the rise in carbon emissions in the atmosphere is not only due to our burning of fossil fuels, but also in the impoverishment of nature’s ability to absorb carbon in soil, in trees, and other high-carbon ecosystems. The degradation of our lands, including the earth’s fertile agricultural soils, is in itself another massive disaster facing humans. Yet, by looking to nature, we can take actions that can change this trajectory. Natural climate solutions – conservation, restoration, and land management activities – can help revive nature’s ability to sequester and store carbon. Healthy soils are an intrinsic component of addressing climate change and cooling the earth.



  1.  Support Natural Resources Goals and action items included in the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan for Lake Oswego by partnering with the city and the Oswego Lake Watershed Council (OLWC).
  2. Protect and Enhance the Lake Oswego Urban Forest
  3. Support the adoption of a Natural Resource Management Plan for City of Lake Oswego Natural Areas.
  4. Reducing toxins in landscaping practices (pesticides and herbicides)


  1. Tree Summit community gathering  – held annually with OLWC
  2. Soil Your Undies – community science project with OLWC
  3. Community Forums relating to Natural Resources with OLWC

    Calendar of Events

    • Tree Summit
    • Soil Your Undies – Earth Day distribution of 100% cotton underwear to be buried in gardens
    • Reveal Your Undies – Event to display results from the Soil Your Undies program


    • Stephanie Wagner
    • Kathleen Wiens
    • Mark Puhlman
    • Mary Ratcliff


    Stephanie Wagner