“Today’s single-family zoning regulations, which were born out of decades-old racist housing policies and practices, continue to economically exclude low-and moderate-income households who cannot afford single-family homes from entire neighborhoods reserved for single-family development. And since there is an inexorable link between income and race in the U.S., single-family zoning regulations continue to have a disparate impact on Black, Indigenous and other people of color (BIPOC) households across the U.S.”

– Ahmad Abu-Khalaf


LOSN believes that housing is a right, not a luxury. Housing is required for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. We cannot preserve both tight restrictions and adequate housing for all as tight building restrictions lead to low supply and high prices. Our homelessness crisis and segregated neighborhoods are due to one thing: lack of affordable homes. To radically reduce the homeless population, we need to build more, smaller, affordable homes on existing lots within all cities.

Passing HB2001 in 2019 was a step in the right direction but it will take a decade to have a noticeable effect. There are so many more reforms which can improve the equity and sustainability of our city.

We encourage all to learn more about zoning and housing reform by exploring our Resources section below.


Remove codes and regulations which restrict density and lot usage, to provide a more sustainable and vibrant community. Allow missing middle and light commercial usage (ACUs) within all neighborhoods.



  • Advocate for and support Boones Ferry Affordable Housing project. We have chosen to support this project and sent testimony to the planning commission and city council. Here is our testimony.
  • Advocate for and support HB2001 — Legalizing missing middle housing.
  • Creation of policy goals: we have a team working to create our “credo” regarding middle-income housing. We plan to publish our goals with specific policy recommendations.



Team Members

  • Lisa Adatto
  • Duke Castle
  • Linda Ganzini
  • Stephanie Wagner

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