Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


One of the three pillars of sustainability is social equity along with the environment and economic vitality. LOSN’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion incorporates a strong social equity component into our organization and for our community.


Create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community. Incorporate and embed diversity equity and inclusion internally in the LOSN organization.




  1. Collaborative Candidate forums with Respond to Racism
  2. Work internally with the LOSN board to embed DEI thinking into LOSN through internal assessments of activities and action teams.
  3. Internal education through quarterly reading group for LOSN and DEI action teams on topics relevant to DEI and sustainability

Areas of Interest

  • Educate the community through partnership programs with the LO library.
  • Develop relationships with other social equity groups and groups that represent non-dominate races (such as: LO For Love, Interfaith connections, Hunger Fighters, Hispanic Community, Asian community
  • Promote dialogue between diverse constituents on thorny issues (such as race, low-income housing)


Dorothy Atwood    datwood99@comcast.net


  • Linda Ganzini
  • Esther Schwartz
  • Lisa Adatto
  • Dorothy Atwood