Sustainable actions are rooted in all of us.  When we come together to establish a culture grounded in inclusive, sustainable practices we all prosper. To help build a sustainable community we are focused on the following:

  • We strive to connect those who wish to work towards common goals, advocate for sustainability issues, or work on projects with each other.
  • We facilitate lively presentations on various topics, providing inspiration and education for our members.
  • We have a partnership program which provides an opportunity for local organizations to increase the effectiveness of their sustainability efforts.

LOSN supports the community through communication, events, and activities

  • Hosting events that allow sustainability advocates and partners to learn about and celebrate the successes in moving our community forward.
  • Providing networking opportunities for sustainability advocates through monthly Social Hours (post-Covid).
  • Publishing monthly Sustainability Insider newsletters.
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  1. Unite:  Bring our community together in support of sustainability initiatives. Increase the number of participants and active partners throughout the community.
  2. Communicate:  Facilitate communication between participants and partner organizations in order to maximize impact.
  3. Educate:  Provide opportunities for community members to learn and apply best practices grounded in sustainable solutions.

    Calendar of Events

    • Repair Fair (summer 2023)


    Mary Ratcliff

    Committee Members

    • Mary Ratcliff
    • Kathleen Wiens
    • Jini Stupak
    • Dorothy Atwood

    Looking for a volunteer opportunity?

    • Become a Social Hour host for our monthly social hours (post-Covid). Social Hour host volunteers help welcome interested newcomers and provide information about our mission, our sustainability agenda, and how they can get involved. Hosts also provide a welcoming environment for sustainability advocates who want to get to know their sustainability friends. If you are  interested, please contact us.
    • Our in-person events provide opportunities for volunteers to help with welcoming attendees, providing snacks, handing out flyers to advertise our event, and so on. If you would like to help with our events, sign up by contacting us.


    1. Community Forum education events
    2. Lake Oswego Repair Fairs partnering with Clackamas County

      Community Green Teams

      Lake Oswego is home to a number of planned communities — some which have active Green Teams. These teams are focused on how they can help their residents be more sustainable.

      Lake Oswego has several Life Plan communities networking with others in the region. Their Green Teams work together to share ideas and processes that can make their communities more sustainable. This document shares a number of best practices relevant to planned communities.


      Kids at the Repair Fair