The economy is one of the three pillars of sustainability along with the environment and social equity. Our local businesses have an important role in moving forward to a sustainable future. LOSN is working with local businesses to show how sustainability practices can reduce cost, bring in new customers and open new markets with sustainability-oriented product and service offerings.


All Lake Oswego businesses understand the value of sustainability and are working towards becoming more sustainable in their practices.


Assist Lake Oswego businesses to adopt sustainable practices.



  1. Work with the Lake Oswego Chamber to educate members on sustainability.
  2. Look for opportunities for businesses to take advantage of tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Collaborate with Clackamas County to promote the Leaders in Sustainability certification program.

Areas of Interest

  1. Incorporate sustainability into the city’s economic development strategy
  2. Engage with LOSN’s Business partners to determine:
    1. How LOSN can support their sustainability goals
    2. How they can support sustainability with LOSN



Linda Ganzini


  • Dorothy Atwood
  • Linda Ganzini
Lake Theater & Cafe
B Corp Certification