Climate Change


LOSNs’ climate action group promotes policy changes and projects in Lake Oswego that lower our collective carbon footprint. We work to educate the community and to change attitudes, lifestyles and infrastructure. With the climate crisis bringing dire changes to our weather and safety, we must begin decreasing greenhouse gas emissions immediately and maintain a rapid pace of reduction of these emissions for the coming decades.

An opportunity to get involved!

We are starting a new program — “Electrify LO“. We are focusing on electrification because it is the key strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. We will provide information and make it easier to switch off fossil fuels and use clean energy through electrification. We help with information about electric vehicles, heat pumps for space and water heating, electric appliances such as induction stoves, electric landscaping equipment and rooftop solar with storage. See our Electrify LO project page for more detailed information.

Other strategies for reducing our carbon footprint include improving home energy efficiency, eating a climate-informed diet, and reducing food waste. We support a variety of local, regional, and state legislation, policy and incentives to promote clean energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resiliency, and assure climate justice.

A significant achievement for the city was the adoption of the Lake Oswego city climate plan. This multi-year plan, now led by the City staff, incorporates many activities to reduce our carbon footprint. Our efforts align with this plan.

Climate Action Now!

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Linda Ganzini

Get Involved

Please contact us if you wish to help with our efforts.


Team Members

  • Lisa Adatto
  • Duke Castle
  • Linda Ganzini
  • Mary Ratcliff

Related Areas

  • Natural Resources which focus on enhancing our ability to convert carbon that is in the atmosphere back into healthy trees, plants, and soil.
  • Schools who promote understanding of climate change by educators and students in Lake Oswego schoools.
  • Transportation whose mandate includes electrification of vehicles as well as a broad range of issues that involve how we organize our space and move about our city.