Local & State Government


LOSN believes that local government impacts all aspects of sustainability. Government policy greatly affects the sustainability of our society through mandates, subsidies and regulations. Our federal, state and local governments all played a part in building our current society and will be a major factor in moving toward a more sustainable society​.

Our team works closely with the city and county and strives to create positive personal relationships with staff and elected officials.  In addition, we provide support for state sustainability initiatives, knowing that the state can address sustainability goals which our individual counties and cities cannot do on our own. We work to support government sustainability efforts and we advocate for specific policies.   We appreciate our hard-working public service staff and elected officials, and it is important that they see sustainability as a critical priority.  We believe that all citizens have a role to play in promoting sustainable practices within local government.  




  1. Implementation of community action items in the city Sustainability and Climate Action Plan
  2. Partner with the Mayors’ office to promote the EcoHome LO tool
  3. Repair Fairs with Clackamas County
  4. Promote the Clackamas County Leaders in Sustainability certification program
  5. Working to promote an optimally sustainable wastewater treatment plant with city and community leaders
  6. Providing sustainability input for the City staff working on the new aquatic center
  7. Submit testimony supporting the DEQ Climate Protection Plan


    • Lisa Adatto
    • Duke Castle
    • Mike Perham
    • Kathleen Wiens


    Lisa Adatto  ladatto@losn.org