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February 2021 Online Forum: How can Oregonians Come Together?

Online via Zoom

It was an amazing event featuring a wonderful presentation by Rhys Roth, executive director of the Center For Sustainable Infrastructure, on his earlier work in building renewable energy projects for rural communities and now, along with Ted Sturdevant, bringing a vision and how to build a solid business case for innovative and sustainable infrastructure that can transform […]

April 2021 Online Forum: The Soil Will Save Us

Online via Zoom

Kristin Ohlson, author of "The Soil Will Save Us", presented her case for "our great green hope" - a way in which we can heal the land, turn atmospheric carbon into beneficial soil carbon, and potentially reverse global warming - through regenerative agricultural and landscaping practices.

October 2021 Online Forum: Sustainability in LO Schools

Online via Zoom

On October 14, LOSN presented a discussion with Tony and Larry, moderated by Courtney Clements, LOSN Education Action Team co-chair, about the K-12 sustainability curriculum in our district and the critical role school buildings and grounds play in teaching these lessons to our students.

Earth Month Forum: Get the latest scoop on healthy soil and how it affects our food

Online via Zoom

Dr. David Montgomery, internationally known expert and author on soil health and regenerative agriculture, will cover the latest science in soil health and healthy food. The brewing soil health revolution cuts through standard debates about conventional and organic farming.On farms in both the industrialized and developing countries improving soil health through the adoption of three […]