The Lake Oswego Sustainability Network (LOSN) is pleased to share our new logo, new website, and new look! Our group has grown significantly since we started in 2013. We now have nine people on the board, numerous committees with volunteers, a large mailing list, ambitious outreach and advocacy programs, and many projects to present to the public. 

The website is more comprehensive and more flexible: allowing us to share the breadth of our work with you so you can learn how you might want to be involved. Our new website with the logo blended into our banner images showcases the beauty of Lake Oswego and our commitment to preserving a sustainable future for the next generations.

Lake Oswego Sustainability Network

Please take a look around our site to see all that we are working on. If something interests you, dig deeper and find the ways to get involved. If you have a comment or suggestion, please share. We want to make it easier for you and our community, to learn and interact with us.

A heartfelt thank you is owed to everyone on the board for their hard work during our strategic planning which provided the structure and materials for the website, in addition to the hours reviewing the emerging site. Kudos to Mary Ratcliff and Duke Castle for hanging in there and for seeing this new website to completion. They have worked on this project for the last year and a half.

Thank you to our contributing Artists, Graphics Designers, and Website Designer

Thank you to these wonderful local artists and designers  that created art and design for the new LOSN website and logo:

Corinna Cambell ( is an artist who enjoys painting the natural world and is particularly interested in our state and national parks. She is also a talented photographer and we have included some of her photos in newsletters and as banner headers on our website. She is the creator of our new LOSN logo.

Corina Law has won awards in the annual City of Lake Oswego photography contest. Her beautiful Luscher Farm photo is the banner on the home page of our website.

Diane Bland is a freelance graphics designer and she designed the fun drawings that are included on the footer of our new website (and decorate our newsletters) and the delightful coffee cup that you can see on our front page. She also created the logo for the Oswego Lake Watershed Council as well as several other organizations.

Linda Keast is a website designer who designed our new website. From the beginning, she provided us with guidance on the technical details of updating our infrastructure and created beautiful pages reflecting the work we are doing and using the lovely photos that display the beauty of our community. Linda also works with the Oswego Lake Watershed Council and other local organizations.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!