Testimonial by Michael Earp

We have a large lot in the First Addition of Lake Oswego and although we have reduced the lawn size it is still a lot to mow. Over the years I have routinely used electric lawn equipment. At first cords were standard, which increased the time it took and were a hassle with messing with the cord. I can remember cutting the cord with the mower, too.

I upgraded to a cordless mower when they became available. The first cordless mowers cut down on the time spent mowing but they used lead acid battery which made the lawn mower heavier and the battery had to to be recharged half way through mowing my big lawn.

Today’s electric mowers are very light and have a long runtime with a powerful Lithium battery. It is so quiet and easy to push and can do the entire lot with no problem. There are a number of new Lithium battery powered mowers available. We use a Ryobi 20 inch 40 Volt cordless mower which comes battery charger included ($299 at Home Depot).

Ryobi makes a number of attachments and that the same battery can be used on. I have a few of them including: edger, blower (quiet), portable drill, vacuum, radio and inverter.

During the last ice storm I used the 40 Volt Lithium battery from my mower with the inverter to power my house TV for three hours on a charge. And I could have powered the refrigerator.

Once you use one of these new Lithium powered mowers you will never want to deal with a gas mower again. Skip the hassle with gas tuneups along with the noise and pollution. Your neighbors will appreciate it, too!



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