Why Did You Take the Sustainability Class?

LOSN recently asked students from the Sustainability elective class at Lakeridge High School why they chose this elective. Here are their responses.

I took sustainability because I think the strategies used to establish sustainable solutions should be accessible to the younger generations, because we are the ones saddled with the impacts of climate change the most. – Lindsey G.

I took sustainability because I wanted to understand more about the Earth and how we can help reverse climate change. I also wanted to be able to use the sustainable practices that I have learned in class in my life. –  Zoe B.

I took sustainability because I wanted to learn more about how to be sustainable in my own everyday life. – Marcella S.

I took sustainability because I wanted to educate myself more on the subject and be able to teach others how to be sustainable.
Kayley O.

Based on Bob Doppelt, "The Power of Sustainable Thinking", Peter Senge et. Al., "The Necessary Revolution"

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I took sustainability because I think we need to look after our planet. I have a lot of anxiety about the future of our planet and find myself feeling very guilty about my own habits. I wanted to do more than give up but the constant torturing of myself for my decision did not seem healthy. – anon

I took Sustainability because I enjoy the environment and I feel that what we learn in this class should be taught to all 🦧

The reason I joined Sustainability is because I’ve always been interested in the environment and nature, additionally I have learned more in this class than any other and I use what I’m taught in sustainability more often in my day-to-day life. –  Nabil B.

I took sustainability because I wanted to learn more about the concept and what is actually going on in the world. I also wanted to learn about what we can do and how we can help our environment. – Emma C.

I took sustainability because I was curious about the impact we have kn the environment – Tai K.

I took sustainability because I think it’s important to have knowledge of the world around us and how to problem solve to cultivate a better future for everyone on the planet. Even if someone is not interested is a sustainability career I still think this class is important for anyone to take just to be better connected with the world around us. –Anna J.

I took sustainability because of the people that are involved, there are many bright people who took this class and to hear people’s ideas about how to help better our planet is awesome to hear. – Sean S. 🦧

I took sustainability because I have always been very concerned about the environment. I have been interested in the topic and researching it for a while and I took this class to hopefully learn more about it which luckily happened! – Kelsey “Big K, Big k” Brown

I took sustainability because it was a subject that has never been taught before and I was interested in learning more. When it comes to sustainability there is always more to learn! – Kate K.

I took Sustainability because I wanted to be more aware of the things going on in the environment. In doing so, I am able to feel more involved with my community. – Luna H.

I took sustainability because it is very important as well as interesting! Sustainable practices are very important to know in both daily life, as well as the future of the entire planet going forward. – Kian C.

I chose to take Sustainability because I have always been interested in my environment, and I wanted to better my school community with sustainable class practices. – Julianna C.

Sustainability flipped my worldview on ecology on its head and got me to really get to know my classmates. For that reason, I think this should be a required class worldwide. – Michael M.

I took sustainability because when I read the course description, I was interested in the class and learning more about the environment. Learning about nature and how to live in it without harming it, is one of the most important things. This class has brought to my attention many impacts we have had on the planet, but also solutions to some of them and ways to move forward in the future. Sustainability is part of our future and is crucial to learn about because it will be needed for the following generations. – Margaux M.

I took sustainability because I love nature! Educating ourselves and others on how we can protect our ecosystems is a crucial step towards healing the planet. – Kat H.

I took sustainability due to the issues that are happening in the world. In this class we learn issues and problems that are going on in the world and how to overcome them. In my mind a lot of what we learn should be implied to the everyday lives of everyone. I like the idea of sustainability because it’s going to be the future of the world and needs to be in place to keep the world going. I also like the teacher who teaches the class Mr. Fox, with his teaching methods and attitudes towards the subject. His role modeling changes and makes me think of my daily decisions. – Ty Cowie

I took sustainability because I’ve always been very concerned with how to reduce my carbon footprint and how to make the world a better place for my kids and grandkids. I think it’s important to know the ways my life will impact the earth. – Mark P.

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