Testimonial from Erin Saylor

Referred by PGE.  

Erin Saylor’s views on electrification were informed by her work at an environmental nonprofit where she had a front row seat to discussions about the climate and health impacts of our country’s reliance on fossil gas. She was determined to start to wean her family off fossil fuels, but even she is surprised by how fast the state-wide emphasis on electrification has happened. “It seems like the benefits of electrification were just whispers a few years ago, but the 100% Clean Energy for All legislation that will move Oregon to clean electricity by 2040 has really moved electrification discussions to the forefront.” 

She has also become more concerned about the potential health impacts the family’s gas appliances have on her three young children. Financial constraints led her family to think carefully about where to start. But with their gas furnace in a poorly ventilated closet in the main part of the house, a carbon monoxide scare in a vacation rental, and last summer’s heat dome, they decided to start by replacing their furnace with a new heat pump system that provides both heat and air conditioning. A ducted heat pump system was installed in the main part of the house while a ductless mini-split was added to the primary bedroom over the garage. The family was delighted to work with Green Savers, an Electrify LO recommended contractor. The system was designed with an eye toward easily adding rooms to the house in the future. 

To finance the system, the Saylor’s participated in a program through the regional nonprofit called Craft3 which allows them to pay for the new system through their monthly PGE bill. They appreciate several aspects of their new heat pump system: the air conditioning, the ability to control the temperature of individual rooms, its relatively quiet compared to other HVAC units, and a perception of greater comfort as the temperature stays more consistent.  

The Saylor family is planning more electrification projects in the future – likely next on the list: replacing their gas water heater with an electric heat pump water heater. Longer term, they’re considering a kitchen remodel that would add an induction stove and a potential move to an EV car – assuming they can find one that fits the whole family. Erin’s advice is “do your research, find a good company to work with, and go for it. Electrification protects the environment, improves safety for your family, and will save you money in the long run.”

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