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Rooftop solar using photovoltaic cells is a great way to address climate change by moving off fossil fuel sources of electricity. However not everyone in Lake Oswego has good solar access. The answer then is to consider Community Solar.

Most simply, community solar is solar energy that is generated from a central location and shared by multiple owners or subscribers. That means you don’t need your own rooftop panels to get the benefits of solar.

 Benefits of Community Solar

  • Supporting renewable energy, reducing emissions, and accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels.
  • Creating local power projects that increase regional grid resiliency.
  • Saving money on energy bills each month, with no up-front investment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a solar project, sign up, and pay a monthly subscription fee for the energy generated by local solar panels. Solar projects can be developed by businesses, schools, churches, homeowners’ associations, and more!
  2. The solar project generates energy for the power grid.
  3. You get a credit back on your utility bill for your portion of energy generated by the project.