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Luscher Farm

Residential landscape maintenance companies that offer alternatives to gas-powered equipment in Lake Oswego

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What the City of Lake Oswego Is Doing

City of Lake Oswego Park and Recreation equipment and staff

Park and Recreation Department

Submitted by Jeff Munro, Deputy Director

The City of Lake Oswego has already taken important steps to eliminate gas-powered equipment from its contracted landscape services for 200 city-owned sites and has replaced much of the gas-powered equipment used by Parks and Public Works.

The Parks Department’s transition to electric tools aligns with our dedication to maintaining beautiful parks while being kind to our earth and environment. We have added all types of electric equipment including blowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, push mowers, riding mowers, utility vehicles, and a new Ford F-150 that can power up equipment in the field. Our Parks Multiple Site Landscape Contract also requires that the contractor that maintains some of our facilities & parks only use electric equipment to perform their maintenance tasks.

Our commitment to Sustainability is powering our parks with electric tools and vehicles that reduce emissions and minimize our carbon footprint. The Parks Department will continue to integrate this electric initiative into daily practice and continue to source new equipment and battery types along with continuing with the City Council’s goals on climate and sustainability practices with fleet policies.

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department has had an electric contract with STORM Landscape Services since 2021.

STORM Landscape Services is a commercial landscape company that has 6 crews that are all electric. In a recent interview, Randy Mihaldo shared details about his work with the City and his transition to electric landscaping equipment. Read the full story…



Transitioning to Electric Landscaping Equipment: A Case Study with Mountain Park HOA

Mountain Park HOA

Submitted by Tod Blankenship, Director of Landscape Stewardship

I personally have been researching and purchasing small battery equipment for over 10 years. When I was with the City of Wilsonville, I began spearheading a transition to Stihl battery-powered small equipment. Stihl has long been a champion of landscape equipment. When it comes to committing to battery-powered equipment there are many factors to be considered beyond the craftsmanship and reliability of the tool itself. It is also a commitment to batteries and chargers. Stihl has been at the forefront of battery technology, and it was an easy decision for us.

Mountain Park HOA (MPHOA) Landscape Stewardship Division has purchased nearly all of the Stihl commercial battery-powered tools available. When it comes to the replacement of any light equipment we will purchase a battery option if available. We have found most of the items suit our needs as long as we have plenty of extra batteries. The disappointment has been the limited backpack blower options.  A new Stihl electric backpack blower is now available and we plan on buying 5 additional blowers this year.  We have also purchased (2) Westward electric low-speed vehicles for use on the road and throughout our 9 miles of trails.   ​
Pruning a hedge

Nov 17: Beyond Net Zero, Restorative Buildings: the PAE Story

PAE Headquarters

What if a building was not just sustainable but restorative, a building that put back more than it takes?

That is the goal of the Living Building Challenge, a concept introduced on 2009, where its end goal “is to encourage the creation of a regenerative built environment. The challenge is an attempt to raise the bar for building standards from doing less harm to contributing positively to the environment.”

This is an approach that goes way beyond the LEED rating system focusing not only on net zero energy but also net zero water and waste.

One of the leaders in implementing this concept is Portland based PAE Consulting Engineers. They have eleven projects designed to meet this rigorous framework. The latest is their new headquarters here in Portland, a five story building which is set to be the world’s first developer-driven Living Building.

When: Wednesday, Nov 17,  2021
Time:  6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Where:  online via Zoom
Speakers: PAE president Paul Schwer will be joined by PAE associate Karina Hershberg to tell the story of how their building was able to reach this goal while simultaneously providing a return for their investors.

Oct 30: 2021 Lake Oswego Tree Summit

Electric Vehicle

Sustaining Our Urban Forest: Resilience, Responsibility and Reciprocity in a Changing Climate  

When: Saturday, Oct 30, 2021
Time:  10:00 am – Noon
Where:  online via Zoom

As stewards of our urban forests, you are invited to attend and participate in the third annual Lake Oswego Tree Summit, Saturday, October 30th from 10 am to noon. Registration is required. The event is free. For more information please visit

The keynote speaker is Dr. Christine Buhl, Entomologist at the Oregon Department of Forestry. The Tree Summit will include discussions on climate threats to our urban forest and ways we can steward the urban forest from soil to canopy.

Join us in this interactive Tree Summit to find out how trees can be a significant part in addressing climate change, to enhance your arboreal knowledge and learn about science-based stewardship practices to promote the ecological health of our urban forest. The latest LiDAR scan of the city’s tree canopy  coverage will also be shared by the City of Lake Oswego.